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A short free simple game I' m developing and also testing out GameGuru capability.

Game flow:
You must find and kill the target before the time runs out or before the target escape's. The more time remaining after the target is killed the higher the score you will get.

Your first shot is the most important shot because at start the target has no knowledge of you (Also your sniper has no suppressor). so the target will be just standing or walking around and is easier to hit. If you have not killed the target on your first shot then all npcs will be alerted and your time will be deducted by a lot, The target will try to run from one cover to another cover until it escape's to the escape point.

Watch out for civilians (Alerted) since they will also start panicking or try to escape with the target (making it possible for them to block your shot when trying to hit the fleeing target)

If you managed to kill the target or if time runs out or the target escaped you can choose to restart the level but this time you will have a new random target to find and kill.

Identifying the target:
There will be clues given to you every round about the current target.


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Minutos To Kill Alpha 0.4 561 MB
Minutos To Kill Alpha 0.3 560 MB
Minutos To Kill Alpha 0.2 514 MB
Minutos To Kill Alpha 0.1

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